APEX Refresh Classic Report Region AJAX style

We often have the need to refresh a classic report region, AJAX style. It is straightforward to get a refresh link on the page. I used to just build a link using $a_report (the APEX built-in for doing partial page refresh on classic reports). But I have found it is better to create a javascript function in the region header or footer. This has the advantage that you can call it from a button on the page, or from any location on the page, not just from within the header or footer itself. If you put the following

This allows me to put a link anywhere on the page

refresh tasks

I can also create a standard button anywhere on the page that calls this javascript.

I recently also had the need to pop a new window (child), add a task in that child window, close the child and then refresh the task region in parent window. It turned out to be easy...

Just create the APEX child window that does the insert/update.  Have it branch to a page (e.g. P99). On P99, put the following in the HTML header