Thank You Granny!

Thank You Granny!

My wife recently took a look at this blog and told me that it would be better with pictures. She also suggested that not every post had to start with: If you are installing/configuring/coding with the Oracle product abc and you get error ORA-nnnnn . . . With that in mind, I share the following.

I used to commute to work by bike most days, but I was out of commission for about a year. Today was a beautiful morning, just right to get back on the bike for a ride to work. After a year off it was a bit of a shakey start. Just figuring out where my gear was. Pairing down my now typical road warrior gear to the bare essentials (for example, a 4 port switch instead of the 10 port). Stuffing everything into a new bag. Hoping my lunch would not spill out into traffic.

It used to take me 26 minutes door to door. This morning was a little slower. Which brings me to the title of this post. Below is a shot of my Campy Chorus Racing Triple.

A Campy Racing Triple is for people who want to think they are still fast, but realize their lifestyle will include occasionally towing a trailer with the road bike, possibly a child seat. That small ring is known as the Granny Gear. It's for those times, for people like me. It's not for a commute to work, mind you. It's for carrying heavy loads, for extreme circumstances. Note that the photo does not show me using the granny. That is, there is no actual evidence that I actually resorted to it today. The shot below is merely circumstantial.

That says 41minutes, 51 seconds. Granted, that included finding my lock in my stuffed bag and locking up, but with all the excuses I can muster, it is still sloooow. I think of it this way, though . . . By car it takes 28 minutes. That means I spent about 14 minutes this morning just doing something I enjoy. Everyone should get 14 minutes a day to do something they enjoy. And, I get another 14 minutes this evening on my way home. I wish you the same.