Moving your APEX Workspace to a Clone

Last September I posted a list of steps to take when cloning an Oracle database that has APEX installed. The scenario is common for some, especially EBS customers--clone production and turn it into development. You have fresh data that way and are sure that you are developing against the exact configuration of the production environment. I'm not suggesting this as a best practice--I'm just recognizing that it happens.

In addition to the steps I described in September, I recently ran into the need to migrate Workspace users and Team Development content from an existing development instance into the new production clone. If you've followed the best practice of initially exporting your workspace from Dev and migrating it to Test and Production, moving users and other content into the clone is pretty easy. By having the same workspace in Dev, Test and Production you automatically also have it in the Production clone.

I won't say this process is supported, but we have used it successfully.

Step 1: Log into the APEX_ADMIN application (INTERNAL workspace).

Step 2: Export the workspace that has the Team Development content you wish to migrate.

Step 3: Edit the export file and remove the following

The section that begins: prompt Creating workspace ABC
Any groups that already exist or that you don't wish to create in the clone: wwv_flow_api.create_user_groups
Any users that exist or that you don't wish to create: wwv_flow_fnd_user_api.create_fnd_user

Step 4: Run the edited file in the APEX_nnnnnn user of the clone.

That's it. Your Team Dev content should be there.