APEXposed 2009 - A request for input

I will be speaking at APEXposed 2009 in Atlanta, GA on 10 & 11 November. Some of you have certainly seen the How to Hack an APEX Application presentation. I will be giving a revised version of that. It is difficult to find interesting things because the APEX developers keep adding features to make it harder for developers to get into trouble, but I'll have a few items of interest, plus the old standby's.

My second talk is APEX and the Oracle Database.
The power of APEX is partly the immense scope of capabilities present in the Oracle database. In this presentation I am going to show how to use many of these capabilities within APEX. Below are a few topics I have in mind.

  • Oracle Text (Intermedia)
  • Spacial
  • SQL Analytics
  • File Compression
  • owa routines
  • utl_inaddr
  • External Tables
  • Virtual Private Database

I'd love to get additional ideas--if you have any favorites, please let me know!